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Every up and coming band started out practicing somewhere. From bedrooms to basements. Any space not readily occupied was fair game. But none was more coveted than your parent's garage. Slowly carving out a space for you and your bandmates you made it your own. Street signs and show flyers adorn the walls alongside your father's tools. The Garage is meant to invoke those memories of days gone by. When you and your friends were either playing or watching. The only difference with our garage is the neighbors won't call in a noise complaint.

Who didn't love hanging with their friends in the basement? Watching movies, listening to the latest album from your favorite band, and chowing down on whatever  mom and dad whipped up for you and your friends. We certainly did. Hence why we recreated the experience of the late 70's /early 80's in our very own Basement. Fortunately you can order from our signature Basement Burger to our Raptor Wings and everything in between. That way you don't get stuck eating Mom's tuna casserole.


If you're an 80's kid you know how amazing a time it was to be a gamer. It seemed like every week a new arcade game was coming out. And they were everywhere. Video stores, deli's, laundromats, restaurants, and pizza places all had at least one cabinet tucked away somewhere. But nothing was cooler than the local arcade. Be it grimy gameroom or neon soaked nightclub these were the colosseums for video game gladiators. Us "Vidiots' would battle each other for high score and bragging rights. All while trash talking and encouraging  each other at the sam time. The Digital Frontier  is our love letter to those simpler times. When all we really worried about was who got the high score on Crazy Climber. 

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